Beer Flights and Furious Seven

Beer flight at The Rack, Woodland Hills, CA
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A beer flight sitting before a rock firepit/bar at The Rack in Woodland Hills, CA.

A movie ticket to see “Furious 7” cost $13.69 . For nearly fourteen bucks what you get is 2 hours of a constant barrage of clashing metal, expensive cars flying through buildings, hulking actors on steroids, the obvious passing of time evidenced by the actors who have lasted throughout all seven “Fast and Furious” movies, and a touching ending, a tribute to actor Paul Walker who died before the movie was finished.

My friend wanted to see it, and I was convinced that a movie about racing cars and revenge might be at least slightly entertaining after hearing a reporter on NPR say she loved it. For some, the loud, action-packed movie may well be worth $14. For me, if weren’t  for the ending, I would’ve called the two hours a loss.

However, a stop at The Rack, a local restaurant, bar and billiards house next to the AMC 16 theater in Woodland Hills, before the movie helped me endure the next two hours.

My friend and I enjoyed a flight of four, 4-ounce beers, and spicy buffalo wings. We tasted a variety of craft beers, such as the Davey Brown Ale, which has a slight nutty, chocolatey flavor with a touch of brightness. The flight cost $8, more than reasonable for a Friday night out.

The spicy buffalo wings were a perfect transition between the various beers. It was the first time I think I’ve ever had chicken wings at a restaurant that actually looked like chicken wings.

While I am being a bit harsh about the seventh incarnation of the Furious series, which is now listed as one of the top 10 highest grossing movies of all time, I did find some of Tyrese Gibson’s glib lines funny, and one particular CGI action scene — it takes place in Dubai — a pretty cool one. I just prefer action movies with a little more story behind them.

Next time, after a flight of beers at The Rack, I’ll stick around for some billiards instead of the movies.

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