I smell the pizza…(Day 6 of my juice detox)

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It’s almost the end of Day 6 of my juice detox. 6:23 to be exact.

And I can smell the pizza that I baked (store-bought) for my youngest son. My mouth is watering and I had the wild vision of tearing off a piece, just a small one, of the pizza with the cheese dripping and the sizzling pepperoni and eating it quickly. I swear I almost did it–in my mind at least. Instead, I went into the kitchen, where half of the pizza sat on the cutting board and grabbed the rest of my dinner that I bought at Jamba Juice–banana, mango, green apple and Spirulina. It has no frozen yogurt, but with the banana, which you can’t really juice, and the Spirulina  I wonder if I broke a cardinal rule of my juice fast. I don’t think so, but the smell of that pizza is killing me…

I know people have faced trials larger than this, and I’ve come up against a few more serious things in my life, but after a lifetime of eating whatever I wanted, most of the time whenever, it’s a difficult thing to wean oneself off delicious things such as pizza, or salami and cheese paired with a nice cold Chimay beer.

They say the first three days are the hardest. This is day six of the entire detox, but day one of the really hard part–no solid foods, just juice.

I take heart in that to exert willpower for the greater good, my health in this case, is a good trait to practice.

I will persevere.




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