French toast and wine denied (Day 7 Juice Detox)

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My girlfriend  just called me to warn me about tonight. We’re gathering with friends at the Tango Room for a night of dancing.

“I just want to let you know that Jeff is bringing a really good bottle of wine,” she said, laughing sympathetically, if that’s possible, “and I’m bringing some crackers and cheese…”

My tango friends and I with all the wine and cheese they bring to the Tango Room.

Oh boy I thought, Jeff brings really nice wine…really good. I pictured a large glass of deep red wine, slowly sipping and savoring it, and brie cheese! Christina always finds great cheese. I love cheese, especially with crackers and some olives.

“Oh, I’ll be fine! I cooked French toast and turkey sausage for my son this morning, and I was fine!” (Actually, as I cooked I had imagined a slab of butter slowly melting all over the French toast and pouring Trader Joe’s maple syrup all over it, but I stopped there, I didn’t dare imagine how it would taste in my mouth.)


“Oh yeah…I’m on day two of just juicing and I’m getting used to it. Yesterday I baked a pizza for my son and my mouth was watering, but I made it through. I’ve had about five glasses of juice today and I’m feeling good.”

“That’s all, I thought you would be drinking more than that.”

“No, I’m following the program and it has recipes for a morning juice, a mid-morning and then lunch and a dinner, with coconut water in between. Now that I think of it, there’s no snack juice between lunch and dinner … I’m just going to have to throw that in…and I’ll bring a late-night juice with me tonight.”

Christina and I laughed, but inside I was crying. Okay, that’s a bit on the dramatic side, but the idea of sitting with my friends around the table with glasses of wine,  gourmet cheese and crackers, not to mention the nice food spread that’s always at the Tango Room, and me with a big jar of juice kind of sucks. (I don’t like to use terms like that, but it’s appropriate right now.)

It really is okay, this juicing thing, except for the occasional hunger pain. Got to go buy more vegetables and fruits–one week, $150 and I’m almost out. It’s expensive this juicing–especially if you buy organic. Have to buy organic though. I don’t want to drink glasses of pesticide. That would negate the whole purpose of my quest to eat healthier.

As for tonight, I better make that juice a double if I’m going to last past midnight.




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